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EMS Quality Academy

The EMS Quality Academy is an education resource for EMS quality managers, medical directors, those coordinating systems of care for time sensitive conditions, and others interested in quality management for emergency healthcare.

The emphasis here will be on the initial training, continuing education and on-going professional development of EMS quality managers and others who have emergency care quality management responsibilities included in their job descriptions.

The Academy will also help those interested in the design, implementation, and refinement of quality management programs for EMS provider organizations, emergency-related clinical service lines in hospitals, and systems of care for time sensitive conditions.

EMS Quality Academy content (with the exception of Premium fee-based courses and services) is being offered free of charge.


Content Preview

  • Web Series – Quality Over Coffee – Grab a cup of coffee and join us for brief and casual discussions on topics in EMS quality management.
  • Web Series – Through the Lens of Systems – Exploration of topics related to EMS systems and systems of care for time sensitive condition
  • Quality Tools – Run Charts
    • Part 1 – Introduction to Run Charts
    • Part 2 – Variation and Trends
    • Part 3 – Shifts
    • Part 4 – Runs
    • Part 5 – Outliers

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