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Cardiac Arrest System Assessment

More people can survive cardiac arrest when the Chain of Survival is optimized. Weaknesses in any link reduces the chance of survival.

Measure to Improve

The Resuscitation Academy Cardiac Arrest System Assessment uncovers and prioritizes the most impactful opportunities to improve survival. In collaboration with the Resuscitation Academy, we bring expertise in resuscitation science, technology and implementation to assist communities improve outcomes.

Survival from Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) may be improved when best practices are implemented.

Knowing where, and how, to begin isn’t always clear.

The Cardiac Arrest System Assessment offers tools and services that help communities prioritize Chain of Survival improvement efforts.



  • Results driven by data – From historic performance metrics to weighted scorecard benchmarking, RQI’s Cardiac Arrest System Assessment uses a data-driven approach to measure current success rates and set goals for a new standard of care.
  • Designed to create sustainable improvement – Best practices for implementing a sustainable quality improvement initiative, including data tracking, funding/grants, leadership support and activating community champions.
  • Brings together stakeholders for important conversations – With all stakeholders involved in a focused, metrics-driven discussion, your agency can make strides toward prioritizing improvement opportunities.

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