The better way to make major EMS purchasing decisions

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Now there’s a better and easier way for EMS leaders to do their homework when preparing to make major EMS technology and service purchases.

That’s what this website and our online conferences are all about. Each of the major clinical, operational or administrative product categories we cover has its own online conference specifically designed to help you get well-informed before making your major purchasing decisions.

After each of our live online conferences, the content is brought here and combined with other resources for convenient on-demand access. And best of all – access to the online conferences and this entire website is free!

Use as your ‘go-to’ resource to help make major EMS technology and services purchasing decisions. 

For more information on how our online conferences and this website work together to support your purchasing decision process, visit the About page.



Research resuscitation related purchasing decisions on automated chest compression; manual defibrillation/pacing; ventilation; physiological monitoring; training; AEDs; telephone CPR and bystander response; data analysis and reporting; and blood flow augmentation.

Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR)

Coming Soon! Research pending or anticipated purchasing decisions for electronic patient care report (ePCR) software, hardware, reporting and related tools and services.

Upcoming Conferences

EMS ePCR Technology Conference

Dates to be announced

Watch here for announcements on our live online conference covering on all facets of electronic patient care reports (ePCR). The presentations, panel discussions, reference links and exhibits are all designed to help you research your options and make a well informed purchasing decision for this key element of your EMS infrastructure.