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Advertise offers unique ways to market your company’s major products and services to EMS purchasing decision makers and decision influencers.

We are focused on supporting EMS decision-makers in their purchasing decision process. We do this through a combination of live online conferences and this Resource Center website.

The content presented in our online conferences is focused on supporting the purchasing decision process – not on continuing medical education – although there will be considerable educational value in much of the content as it will often explain the clinical or operational rationale behind the product or service designs.

The Resource Center website archives the content from the online conferences and other relevant materials for on-demand access by EMS decision-makers and decision influencers.

This provides an entirely new way for your company to demonstrate and explain your products or services. This also attracts the audiences that suppliers are most interested in reaching – the decision makers and their key influencers. 

Live Online Conferences

Each live online conference is centered on a specific category of technology, such as resuscitation, electronic patient care reporting or vehicles. Within each of these conferences, the topic is broken down into sections. For example, our recent live online conference for resuscitation was divided into sections for automated chest compression and field ECMO; manual defibrillation and pacing; ventilation; AEDs; data analysis and reporting; telephone CPR and bystander response; training; and blood flow augmentation.

Within each ‘section’ of the conference, your company can give a presentation as part of the main conference agenda – not pushed off to the side as happens in traditional medical conferences. Your company can give a product demonstration, a presentation that explains the underlying technology or clinical rationale, or a even case study. Each ‘section’ in the conference will typically accommodate 4 to 6 suppliers each giving 10 to 15 minute presentations. 

Each ‘section’ begins with a ‘State of the Technology’ presentation from a respected subject matter expert. Each section also has a moderated panel discussion followed by a question and answer session that includes the supplier representatives, subject matter experts, and some real-world purchasing decision-makers and end-users. The panel discussion is structured in a way that allows the buyers and field users to talk about what they’d like to see in the future. Suppliers can explain some of the issues that customers commonly run into and offer suggestions on how customers can get more value from their purchasing investments.

Your company can also have a virtual booth. Unlike many of the other virtual event platforms, you’ll be able to video chat with attendees at ‘tables’ within your booth. These tables allow you to chat privately with attendees to answer questions, give demos, share product information, schedule follow-up meetings, and even take orders! Your booth can also have links to product videos and documents as well as links to your company’s website and social media pages.

Resource Center

After the live event, your company becomes a part of this Resource Center where the conference presentations are all available for on-demand access year-round. Here, your company will have its own company page that links to your individual product pages. If a given product or service was showcased in one of online conference’s Supplier Presentations, that video will be kept as part of the overall conference video collection in addition to being showcased on its Product page.

There are a limited number of conference sponsorships in each category and supplier presentation slots in each section within a category. The order of supplier presentations and appearance in the exhibit hall of booths is driven by the level and timing of when your company secures its sponsorship package or other options for participation, so there is a significant advantage to acting quickly to secure your positioning to get the best options.

Take advantage of this very new and different opportunity to present your products and services in both a live online conference AND in this uniquely designed Resource Center designed specifically to support the EMS purchasing decision process. Request details on sponsorship packages and other options using the Request Exhibitor Prospectus and Rate Card button below.

Pricing and Exhibitor Prospectus

The prices listed in the Exhibitor Prospectus are per category and its conference category cycle. This means that the benefits for suppliers will remain in place until the next EMS Technology and Services Conference for a given category takes place – or for 18 months after the last such conference, whichever comes first. If the next such conference does not take place within 18 months of the last such conference, the benefits may remain in place for suppliers at the sole discretion of 

For companies that choose to be included in this website without initially being a part of one of our conferences, ala cart pricing will apply on an annual basis. Company participation in a conference before the contract year is completed will get pro-rated credit toward conference participation fees, but only on items that were purchased ala carte and are also part of the conference purchase bundle or sponsorship.

To access complete details with ala carte pricing and the various bundles and sponsorship packages, please click here to request the full prospectus and rate card.