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Taking Clinical Quality to the Next Level - Webinar Series

Free webinar series to help EMS agencies, systems of care consortia (e.g., for STEMI, stroke, cardiac arrest, trauma, sepsis) and hospitals take fresh look at their approaches to quality improvement and consider ways to elevate their impact and efficiency.

The webinar series is produced by the American College of Cardiology in collaboration with the Center for Systems Improvement.


Sample Webinar - Clinical Specialty Teams

Topics Preview

  • Composite Measures: Use and Development
  • Advanced Performance Metrics: Process Capability and the Process Capability Index
  • Systems Level Measurement and Improvement
  • EMS STEMI Alerts: Improving Accuracy
  • Implementing Time Sensitive Care Coalitions
  • Clinical Performance Requirements in EMS
  • Making the Leap to Improvement Science
  • Team-Based Quality Model
    • Structuring Your Organization for Quality
      Structuring Your System for Quality
    • Clinical Specialty Teams
      Project Teams, Charters and the Senior Management Team
    • EMS Clinical Specialists

Webinar Series Page (on American College of Cardiology Website)