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Pulsara UNITED

FULL FUNCTIONALITY for Community Paramedic, Mobile Integrated Health and ET3.

The enhanced features in Pulsara UNITED allows an EMS agency to provide an expanded scope of practice such as Mobile Integrated Health and Community Paramedicine. Additionally, you have the ability to incorporate medical control, add supervisors, create teams dynamically on the fly, and even transport to alternative destinations under the new ET3 reimbursement model.



  • Pulsara MANAGER – Administrative Dashboard; Case Management
  • Pulsara MOBILE for iOS, Android, Browser; Mobile Communications Network App
  • Pulsara PATIENT – Provider to Patient Dedicated Communication Channel
  • Live video
  • Billable Medical Control Encounter
  • Federated Authentication
  • Recording of Live Communication (COMING SOON)
  • EMS Communications (radio report)
  • Consult / Transfer to Receiving Organization
  • First Responder to EMS Hand-off
  • Other Intra-Organizational Communications (Internal Medical Direction, Supervisor)
  • Consult / Transfer to Alternate Destination
  • Provider to Patient Communication
  • Pulsara API – ECG
  • Pulsara API – ePCR
  • Alternate Destinations (Add-on)
  • Virtual Care Center (Add-on)

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