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EMS Teams

High Performance CPR Saves Lives.

Based on the legacy and success of the Resuscitation Academy High Performance CPR Program, RQI EMS Teams is designed for those who respond to medical emergencies as a team.

Practice as a team. Save lives as a team.

RQI EMS Teams builds on the foundation of individual skills to maximize the effectiveness of a team response. The program employs low-dose, high frequency learning to improve outcomes in cardiac arrest calls.


  • Focuses on verified competence – RQI EMS Teams shifts from the dated two-year compliance mindset to mastery learning with verified skills competence, establishing a new standard of care – verified CPR competence.
  • Helps agencies maximize training budgets – Program content can be delivered via integration with an existing LMS or through the RQI 1Stop learning platform.
  • Leverages proven evidence-based science – RQI EMS Teams uses cognitive learning modules, structured practice with immediate feedback and ongoing measurement to keep EMS teams in compliance with training mandates and help prevent skills decay.

EMS Teams Page (on RQI Website)